Lottomaticard Payment Option

Lottomaticard is an Italian prepaid card which belongs to Visa and with which you can play at Lottomaticard casinos or even pay your bills online. This is also a viable alternative to a traditional bank account, since it bears an integrated Iban code on which salary, bonuses or payments can be conveniently credited. It is rechargeable, which means that you can recharge it with the desired amount and then travel abroad or shop online comfortably, like with a normal credit card, as it is covered by the entire Visa network.

Get a Lottomaticard Prepaid Card

Requesting a Lottomaticard is very easy: you just go to a Lottomaticard store, which are virtually everywhere in Italy, even in small towns of the province. You can usually find them in tobacco shops connected to the lottery: they have a sticker on the main door, so it’s really easy to find one.

You will ask the staff at the counter to purchase a Lottomaticard; the operator will ask for your ID card and your personal tax code, he will fill the required forms with your identity and finally you will add your signature to prove your consent. Within a few minutes your Lottomaticard will be fully active. This will cost you €5 for the issuance of the card and an initial minimum charge of €10. With it, you have the keys to play at all Lottomaticard casinos.

Shortly after its release, the Lottomaticard is already active: along with the card, you will receive a green envelope, containing the puk and pin codes of your card, so that you can withdraw money from any bank or Lottomatica point of sale, as well as a receipt bearing your code Iban. We recommend you do not throw them away, since chances are that you will need it in the future. Later on, you will be able to monitor online your whole Lottomaticard activity by connecting to the site of Lottomatica and entering the pin and puk codes of your card, so that you always have the situation under control regarding your expenses in general and your deposits at Lottomaticard casino PlayMillion in particular. You can reload your Lottomaticard by visiting any Lottomatica point of sale.

Additional Lottomaticard Advantages

Lottomaticard offers a free service to its users, by which it informs them via SMS of any use of their card. In this way, the user gets to know in real time of any unauthorized use being done of his prepaid card. The card includes a chip to enhance its security in all banking transactions and we know how important this may be for Lottomaticard casino players. Two hardcopy account statements are allowed for free every year (online statements are free and without limits). Please note that the card has a monthly ceiling of €10.000.

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