Available in: Mexico

DineroMail is a Mexican prepaid card service enabling you to securely and easily fund your QueenVegas account.

Guide Etape par Etape

  1. Select DineroMail deposit option on the QueenVegas deposit page.
  2. Insérez le montant que vous souhaitez déposer sur votre compte QueenVegas
  3. You will be redirected to DineroMail payment summary page
  4. Enter your personal details or your DineroMail account information
  5. Depending on which method you have chosen you should do one of the following:
    • If you chose Cash payment – Print out a generated receipt and take it to the store to complete payment
    • If you chose Bank payment – Take your Bank account and reference numbers to the bank to complete the payment.
    • If you chose DineroMail eWallet – Confirm payment from their account.
  6. DineroMail authorises eWallet payments in real-time, deducting the specified amount directly from your eWallet account, or once the payment has been made over the counter. If there are insufficient funds available in your account the payment will be rejected
  7. QueenVegas receives a real-time confirmation of the payment
  8. Vous recevrez une confirmation de la part d’QueenVegas vous informant que votre paiement a été complété avec succès.

La disponibilité dépend de votre pays