ComGate On-line payments

enable fast, secure and cheap payment for goods and services. It is possible to choose from several fast payment systems, which enable payment for purchases using your internet banking service in real time.

Payment by bank transfer, which takes place in real time, provides a complete link between the on-line shopping system and the bank account. When the buyer finishes shopping, he can choose payment using a bank, which is included in the list of banks for on-line transfers. In the request for payment the buyer is automatically directed to the internet banking system of the chosen bank. All payment details are automatically entered in the payment order. After the data is checked and successfully authorised the buyer is then directed back to the on-line shop website. Dispatch of goods is significantly faster using this method.


of bank transfers from the users’ accounts is one of the main advantages of on-line payments. Sensitive input data, which the user enters into the internet banking system is protected by the payment portals of the involved banks and cannot enter a third party environment.

Bank transfers

are realised by means of the agmo cz., s.r.o. company’s payment processor account, which sends the buyer an online message that the payment for the selected goods/services was successfully realised.