Online Casino


Casinos originated in the Italian city of Venice, where in 1638 the first public casino opened and by the mid-17th century there were more than 100.

The first slot machines with 3 rollers system were invented in the 1880s in the United States, the so-called slots or one-armed bandits. The name derives from these devices being operated by coin with a lever ‘arm’ resembling a gun pointing bandit and the player the player would generally give up his coin to it. In the early 19th century, the so-called fruit slot machines were invented because of a ban on gaming machines, the winnings for these were chewing gum in the flavors of individual fruits. Even today the fruits symbols of gambling machines are widely used and still popular.

In Germany during the empire and in the Weimar Republic, gambling was prohibited from vending machines. In the 50s of the last century but gained slot machines increased in popularity in Europe. Even casinos were opened again and the lottery was legalized. Gaming machines were installed in casinos, as in amusement arcades and restaurants, where only small stakes and prizes were possible in this.

In 1994, the first ever online casino opened and by 1996 the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake created the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which saw online casino’s flourish the world over. Growing to 200 websites from a mere fifteen in 1996, the online gaming industry has been growing at an exponential rate ever since.

Online casinos today

An online casino is a virtual casino, to which you can access from your computer, phone or tablet, provided you have an internet connection.

You simply need to log into your online casino and open an account which is usually free to do. Then you can start playing right away and even try the games without use to find as your favourites and to familiarize yourself with the games. Of course you can immediately play for real money if you so choose. However, we recommend to first always read and familiarise yourself with the rules of the game in order to learn of possible bonus systems and free game rules to get the best out the gaming experience.

Online casinos in Europe, the UK and the US are now regulated by the state, have a gaming license and are always controlled by the authorities to the players to enable a safe and fair gaming. Assigned in many European countries licenses for online casinos are subject to strict rules for safe play mode and provide optimal protection of players.

Online Casino Games

There is a wide choice of Online Casino games, a player familiar with land-based gaming halls can generally find these games online. Whether they want to play the classic fruits games of the classic slot machines or prefer to be transported to different worlds, times and countries in cutting edge 3D. Or perhaps fight dragons, wizards and demons as well as classic table games such as roulette or bingo players can find all of this online and accessible from the comfort of their own homes. The games selection is huge, and new games are being released every day. Gaming providers invest vast amounts into ensuring players encounter the most exciting and entertaining experience. All games have been specially optimized for online casinos and offer excellent usability and perfect game in brilliant HD quality, super animation and highly engineered studio sound effects. Online slots today offer high winning opportunities due to low overheads in comparison to the traditional land-based casino games.

Security of Online Casinos

All reputable online casinos are state-regulated and offer the player a fair deal, safe play and they peace of mind when playing high-stakes. Players within all ranges of budget can easily stake the amount they are comfortable playing. Online Casinos offer various deposit options such as the major credit cards and even PayPal. All data is encrypted, secure and certified through security software, so that all transactions and personal data is encrypted and only accessible by the player. Your winnings are immediately credited to your online casino account and you may then have this transferred to your private bank account or Paypal account. Simple rules and transparency also contribute the safety of online casino games.

Chances of winning at online casinos

Since online casinos bear much lower operating costs than gaming halls or regular casinos, these savings can be used to provide a bigger variety of quality games on the one hand, but also provide players better odds and longer gameplay. Online casinos payout rates on average are 90 to 95 percent, as opposed to the slot machines in gaming halls where this is often between 60 and 70%. The wide variety of online casinos and the ensuing competition between them causes online casinos to compete for better odds offers, which ultimately the player benefits from. Exclusively, online casinos have developed reward systems and free play options which differ from game to game, this of course, increases the players’ chances of winning and can sometimes reward a jackpot of millions on a minimal bet.

Benefits of Online Casinos

Due to lower costs in comparison to conventional operations, casinos invest a lot in research and development and the product offering is constantly evolving and cutting edge. The game selection is constantly being updated to ensure customer satisfaction.

Mobile Casino

Many casinos nowadays offer mobile casino versions of their main site. This allows players to play from anywhere on their mobile phone or tablet at any time as long as an internet connection is available. Whether at home or on the road, players are no longer bound by time or place and no longer need to wait in queues in order to play their game of choice.


All in all, today’s technology has been the catalyst for a revolution in the gambling world, allowing gaming hobbyists to play from the location of their choice and at whatever time of day they see fit. This has launched the casino world into the mainstream where it is no longer taboo or risqué to play casino games, but has gained a young and trendy following, endorsed by celebrities and sports stars alike.