Available in: Estonia and Latvia

The BankLink service is a real-time bank transfer service that enables secure payments between you and your QueenVegas Account.

Guia passo-a-passo

You will need to have a bank account with Hansabank (Estonia), Swedbank (Estonia) and Nordea (Latvia) to use this service

  1. Select BankLink service on the QueenVegas Deposit Page
  2. Introduza a quantia que pretende depositar na sua conta QueenVegas.
  3. You will be redirected to a secure payments page
  4. Log in using online bank security details
  5. Indique os dados de pagamento necessários e confirme o pagamento.
  6. Your bank authorises the payment in real-time deducting the amount directly from the your account. If there are insufficient funds available in your account, the transaction will be refused
  7. QueenVegas receives a real-time confirmation of the payment by your Bank
  8. Receberá uma confirmação do QueenVegas de que o seu pagamento foi efectuado.